You run a small business

You are the marketing department.

Let me help you to gain the recognition you deserve, for doing the work that you love.


If the people don’t know about you, they can't buy from you. Consistency is incredibly important in how you present yourself to potential customers. Let's stock a toolbox full of marketing tools that establish your credibility and entice new leads.

Woman at laptop

It's hard to get noticed

How about some tips and tools to keep your projects well designed and functional?
...Yes, at the same time.

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Your logo is not your brand-it's one component of your brand. Strong brand identity is what registers that critical first impression with prospective customers. In other words, the difference between "eh" and "please take my money!


Maybe you've never considered the possibility of hiring someone, but have accepted that you cannot go it alone and need to invest in your business. I value creativity over budget and excel at helping small businesses to stretch a dollar.

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