4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

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Should I have a blog? It’s a question uttered by clients in such a way that I can almost them chanting “please say no, please say no” in their heads as they await the answer. Like most things we seek counsel on (in hopes of having someone else give us permission to slack off) you already know the answer.

Yes, you probably should have a blog for your business.

Your business will only benefit from having a blog. Effective marketing is a mix of content + engagement.

Bad News: It takes effort.

Good News: Anyone willing to exert that effort can gain a huge return on investment.

Blogging for your businesses provides an unmatched opportunity to increase traffic to your website, establish credibility and provide value to your customers.


People Buy From People

It humanizes your business. All things being equal, humans like to buy from humans. They want to support businesses that they have made a personal connection with.

By sharing interesting and helpful information on the regular, you give them a reason to continue visiting your website…which builds familiarity…which breeds trust…which makes them more likely to buy from you than from a random stranger when the time comes. Boom. Mic drop.


Establish Authority

Blogging keeps you relevant. Generating valuable content allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. It provides you with a platform to demonstrate your skills and experience before you try to close a sale.

The credibility you build by blogging for your business does not end with your clients. It provides an opportunity to enhance your professional image in the eyes of those in your space. Once you begin consistently producing quality content, you are more likely to be regarded as a thought leader in your industry.

Stop being humble. You know more than you think.



By blogging for your business you are improving your SEO.(Search Engine Optimization) The information on your website is typically limited to a few pages and generally remains stagnant with the exception of the occasional update. With the creation of each new blog post, you are increasing the probability that Google will index your website over your competitors. Really, when was the last time you looked past the first page of Google search results?


Always Be Closing

I realize that terms like “building credibility” and “establishing authority” may sound a little woo-woo. They don’t exactly lend themselves to metrics with the ease that dolla’ bills do.

Think about blogging for your business as a long term investment in your sales process. If a potential customer is able to locate the answer to a problem on your website, imagine how much more likely they are to buy from you. You’ve already helped them-for free!

If someone has been regularly visiting your business’s blog, they are likely coming to you as a more informed buyer. They will already have some education on the product and the industry. This makes for a significantly more effective conversation that you might otherwise have.

Blogging consistently allows you to build your own virtual knowledge base. Receive a customer email regarding a frequently asked question that you tackled in a blog post a few years ago-just send them the link! Maybe you are active in a Facebook Group or even a Chamber meeting where a question arises pertaining to your industry. Imagine being the guy who can say “I wrote tutorial on that awhile back, check out my website.”


Starting a blog on your website provides you with an amazing opportunity to establish a rapport with current and potential customers. It is not nearly as daunting as it may initially appear. Over the next few weeks, we’ll drill down a bit deeper and discuss some actionable steps that will help you to being creating content.